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Pure Quality. High Standards. Family Owned. 

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Brand Philosophy

We treat our customers like family, which means we want to give them the very best possible. The brand is based on the belief that use of natural elements can help aid the relief of various health concerns. Our goal is to provide an avenue to holistic health and wellness by promoting natural remedies for the mind, body and spirit. That's why we do everything within our means to source only the best CBD products from one of the largest registered hemp farms in Oregon. This is to ensure that every customer has a positive experience with our products. Experience all of the benefits hemp has to offer, legally, from a trusted source. 


We searched the globe for premium CBD products that worked for us. When we couldn't find them, we made them. Simple. Pure. Effective. 

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From Nature, For Everyone

Ready to buy in bulk for your business? Looking for a wholesale option? We have the ability to ship our wholesale products to any retail business with a Tax ID in the United States. Explore our current lineup of pre-rolled joints, bags of hemp flowers, CBD gummies, CBD tinctures, CBD soft gels and more! We also offer a selection of displays and cases to fit the needs of any business.

Additional products are coming soon! 

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New to CBD?

There’s a lot of information about CBD that can be pretty confusing. Put simply, CBD is a natural, plant-based compound found within hemp flowers. It contains terpenes, flavonois and phytocannabinoids that deliver therapeutic properties and may help your body to feel relaxed – like after a long hot bath. All of our hemp-derived CBD products are produced with less than .3% THC so you get the medicinal benefits without feeling high or intoxicated.

No risk, no undesirable effects. 

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Our Story

When pharmaceuticals failed, our search for a natural solution began. If this sounds like you, you've come to the right place.


Like many, we also suffered from health conditions that traditional medicine didn't seem to help with. We wanted to move away from the chemicals found in pharmaceutical solutions toward a more natural remedy that created fewer negative side effects in the body. That's when our journey led to a knowledge of CBD. 

After trying different options and doses, we began to experience a notable positive impact with regular daily use. And that's when we knew that we had to help make this knowledge - and this plant - available to everyone. We needed to spread the word that hemp may be a viable, natural solution for many health concerns. 

From cultivation to processing, and formulation to sales, we're involved in every step of the process to ensure the safety and quality of our products. Visit our store to see the vast variety of options available, and discover the right fit for your needs. 

Certificates of Analysis

Our products are handcrafted with care and precision so you get the best possible results. 

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“First of all love your product. The best thing I ever discovered to help with my sleeping problem.”

— Buck


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